King Corn

King Corn caused me a lot of heartache. I love meat and I love junk food. To me, there is almost nothing better in life than the first bite of a juicy hamburger. King Corn did not dispel my love for the burger, but it made me question my habits.

King Corn uncovered many of Iowa’s darkest agricultural secrets. I was unaware that the corn they grow is completely uneatable. The Iowa farmer sacrifices his land for the growth of Coca-Cola and PopTarts.

The poor treatment of cows is unnerving, as well. They are fed this uneatable chow and are destined to live short and stationary lives. I will admit that I am no PETA enthusiast, but I am in no way a supporter of animal cruelty. I feel that the life of these cows is rushed. They are overfed and under exercised. I feel that this is cruel treatment. It will make me think twice the next time I bite into a delicious, cornfed burger.

It is strange to think that the beautiful, gold plants the cover the state of Iowa will one day become Twinkies and cereal. These farmers contribute to feeding America in a way much different than in the past. The Iowa farmer can no longer feed himself with his own crop. He no longer sells his crop on the back of a pickup truck to local passerby’s. The farming business has changed drastically. The produce farms of yore are out and the cardboard corn of today are in. This has completely changed the way we eat and the way we look at food today. One of the positives to this new farming culture is the accessibility of food. I believe the film states that we spend around 17% of our income on food today. That is a drastic change from the past. There is more food available (here in America) than ever before, so the cost is lower than ever before. This is a positive for consumers, but the Iowa farmer is still left with little to be excited about.

King Corn opened my eyes to a world knew nothing about. Our bodies may no longer be 80% water, but rather 80% corn. I wonder what food will be laced with this uneatable corn next!

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