Hit me baby, one more time…

This entry may include filthy language and super adult content. Reader discretion is advised. 

Revolution marks a time of change. A time when things are different, people begin to few the world differently. Sex is revolutionized. It is no longer taboo. Women are bare-breasted and men are free to grab those bare-breasts. Monogamy is for the old and weak. Years ago, this new trend in sexuality was truly revolutionary, but I question how freeing it truly was. In class, we took a brief look at the film Baader Meinhof Complex. We saw a group of revolutionaries who journey to Jordan. They believed in a full revolution of mind, body and spirit. This is manifested with the women sun-bathing nude on the roof. This act should be considered revolutionary and empowering, but something was missing… some good ol’ man penis! The nudity of the women was supported and encouraged, but the men remained clothed (shirtless doesn’t count). So what does this really say for these women? Are they revolutionaries or just sex objects? This scene suggests to me a sense of male dominance.

This sense of dominance has been repeated throughout the texts of our class. We saw it again in My Revolutions. Anna experiments with Chris sexually. She asks him to hit her and come on her face. This act resembled that of a terrible scene from a cheap porno, but Anna is testing Chris’ boundaries. Chris has always found something erotic in Anna’s violent behavior. It sounds weird, but thats kinda normal. There is almost something typical and un-revolutionized about the idea of male dominance. Chris’ nuclear family showed signs of male dominance. Anna’s wholesome Quaker family showed signs of patriarchy and male supremacy. Although these “revolutionaries” have decided to escape the traditions of their past, they resort to the same behavior. Their “sexual revolution” is nothing but penis power. Men are the powerful orgasm givers and women beg for it like hungry dogs.

Baader Meinhof Complex provides us with another example of sexuality in violence. Baader tells the Jordan people, “Fucking and shooting are the same thing.” What a quote!! The goal was to make the Jordans understand that what they do with machine guns is the same as what the revolutionaries do with the guns in their pants. If a man can kill another man, he should be free to have lots of sex afterwards. But this line also suggests a power in sex. It sounds violent and coarse. The relation to violence and sex is strong. It suggests that sex is a weapon. In this particular scene, sex is a weapon against the Jordans. To me, there is nothing freeing about this revolutionized idea of sex.

But hey, I guess a little S&M never hurt anybody…

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One thought on “Hit me baby, one more time…

  1. A very lively post, rather polemical in nature.
    Certainly many have pointed out the myopia of this sexual revolution.
    Sometimes in your fervor you over-reach and become reductive:

    [Their “sexual revolution” is nothing but penis power. Men are the powerful orgasm givers and women beg for it like hungry dogs.]

    Those claims can’t be universally true, as of course many women found other means
    to achieve orgasm, and surely other sexual organs had their own power! 🙂

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