What’s a man to do?

I would like to begin today’s post with a little something I noticed while watching The Most Dangerous Man in America. Danial Ellsberg has the voice of a particular orange and white, stripped fish. His voice is very similar to Finding Nemo’s father. Just a little something I noticed while analyzing the life of the “Most Dangerous Man.”

I would like to talk about the similarities between Dan and Mike Frame. As we discussed in class, both men face some tough decisions in their life time. In fact, some of the decisions each man made are similar to the other. We also discussed the epiphanies of both men. Both Dan and Mike realize that their causes are bigger than them. Both Dan and Mike decide that something must be done.

As we saw in the film, Dan is on a mission to divulge some interesting, political secrets. There was much more to the Vietnam war than what was being said, and Dan was ready and willing to spill the beans. There was a touching scene in the film that helped us understand Dan’s perspective a little better. Sitting at a table in his home, Dan said he knew the only way to make a change was to go to prison. He knew that he must put his life on the line in order to right the wrong done by the government up till now. This was his epiphany, his realization that there were problems larger than him and he was ready to be the one to fix it.

Mike was in nearly the same predicament. He understood that there was a war happening while the War was happening. He wanted an end to the war and the violence and the restriction on speech, and he was willing to fight for it. He knew that he must change his comfortable way of life to do something about it. I feel that Mike’s epiphanies continue on as his story continues. He first realized that his family’s needs did not fit his own, so he left. He knew he there was a fight for freedom and that he needed to be part of it. He knew that his past was coming back for him after meeting Miles and seeing Anna. Mike’s epiphanies will follow him to the end of the book. He will never stop growing and changing.

I would like to reiterate that both men were on a mission towards change. Their epiphanies came to them when they realized that the world is bigger than they are.

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