Kids These Days

This week, we looked at a movement that took place in the 60s. A movement that helped change the way we view each other today. Something happened during this time. A longing for change was stirring within people across the nation, and so, changes would be made.

Berkley in the Sixties took a deeper look at a “revolution” that was beginning during the ’60s. A school known for its high class education, and even higher class student body, was experiencing an upheaval. Students began to question the “norms,” the injustices they were witnessing. They protested for free speech, equality and an end to the war. They wanted real change, and they wanted it now. There was such a coming-together, such a unity, in this school. A student body that was predominantly white, a student body that had all the means for success at their feet, was now speaking out for the underdog. It was interesting to see such a paradox and to see the progress they made. There was no regard for consequence, there was no regard for intolerance, there was only a fight for justice.

After seeing this movie, understanding the times and knowing the positive changes that were made, I wonder: where is our voice? Many of us today are like this Berkley student body. We live in a time of such diversity with so many advantages. But injustice is still real. The idea of free speech is still up for discussion. And yet, our biggest protest is a boycott of Google and Wikipedia for 24 hours. Kids these days just don’t seem to have the same passion or desire.

This week, we saw hard work and dedication to a cause greater than self. I guess this rant is just meant to spark some of that dedication and passion is us kids these days.

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