Bolivar Soy Yo… maybe

Bolivar Soy Yo was a very strange film. The film posed many questions that were unanswered or up for debate. The last scene, in particular, left the audience to fend for themselves.

The film toys with the line between reality and fantasy. In the eyes of Santiago, that line is very thin. In the eyes of his mother, the president and most of Columbia, that line is nearly nonexistent. At the start of the movie, we see Santiago playing Bolivar in an infamous, Columbian telanovela. In this scene, the audience is lead to believe that Santiago is Bolivar, that is, until he yells “Cut!” to end the telanovela scene. This is the first time the audience is introduced to a sense of blurred reality.

Through the film, we see Santiago change. He is no longer himself. He seems to become a mixture of Bolivar and Santiago. His reality is no longer his own. Reality is now unclear. It is most confusing when Santiago asks Alejandra “Do you think I really believe I am Bolivar?” This leaves us with more questions. He seems that he does believe he is Bolivar, that they are one.

Now that the line of reality and fantasy seems to be removed all together, we come to the final blows. The last scenes are full of drama and are reminiscent of the battles faced by Bolivar years ago. In the finale scene, we see Santiago lying on the ground bleeding and barely breathing. He mutters the words “Cut…” as if to indicate that the telanovela scene is finished. This scene posed more questions. We are uncertain as to whether this means that he has rewritten the death of Bolivar or if this suggests the death of Santiago. There is no clear answer. reality and fantasy have combined.

The script had been developed by every character we met in the film. Santiago was almost forced to believe he was Bolivar. His family, his friends, his cast mates, all believed that he was Bolivar. I feel that he began to feel the spirit of Bolivar within him. The script was written by everyone who believed and called Santiago by the name Bolivar. His fate was inevitable.

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