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Hello, my name is Vanessa Rao and I am writing my first blog post for Cultural Studies and Pop Arts. I have to admit, when enrolling for this class, I had a expectations for the scope of the course. I envisioned classes filled with YouTube videos and discussions analyzing the Britney Spears shaving debacle or why P. Diddy is no longer “Puffy”. The first day of class was (obviously) much different than I anticipated. But it held my interest. Before this class, I found myself immersed in what many of us call “Pop Cultural” for far too long. The first day of class truly challenged that.

In our first week, we talked about the idea of “revolution”. I believe that my first impression of the course is relevant in our analysis of revolution. As we said in class, we are in a world obsessed with a pseudo-revolution. Many of us believe that the obscurity of Lady Gaga is revolutionary. The true meaning of revolution lies much deeper than within the glittery box the media have created. As we discussed in class, revolution (true revolution) requires change. Not the kind of change promised to us in presidential speeches but a real, intrinsic change. I am excited to learn more about this concept. I am curious to learn whether revolution will ever be possible.

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